From Irelands smallest Distillery comes Killowen Gin.

Focusing on centuries of Gin making in Ireland, we at Killowen Distillery place seasonal botanicals to the fore, many of which are handpicked from the immediate locality. The result is an unusual gin celebrating its maritime and highland environment within the Mourne Mountains.

Gin is one of Irelands less well-known native spirits is documented in records dating back to the 16th,17th & 18th centuries. The Irish where distilling and compounding native botanicals long before their neighbouring counterparts in the British Isles. Renowned whiskey writer and historian Fionnan O’Connor has gathered letters discussing and defining these precursors to modern gin and whiskey from Raleigh, Fynes Moryson and others during this time. They make for fascinating reading. As Fionnan explains “it’s not often you hear the Irish claim to have beat the English to gin”. (Irish Whiskey Magazine Issue 3)


Our geographically protected native spirit has enjoyed a recent revival in recent years. At Killowen we carefully select a unique ratio of wheat, barley and oats to create a mash bill fitting of the word Poitín. Killowen Poitín is a substance of luxury created with skill and care.

A highly regarded recipe from a local Mourne family that has been used for generations is now reborn in this generation as a legal spirit. This allows it to be enjoyed by Poitín and whiskey enthusiasts lucky enough to have a bottle.

This small batch produce includes mixes of malted and unmalted grain, the malted being smoked on site by local Mourne turf fires in our hand made kiln. Once regarded as an illicit highland produce, Killowen have made it their prerogative to restore Poitín to its rightful place as an artisan spirit of choice by perfecting family recipies we know best.


The future jewel in the crown of Killowen Distillery, our whiskey is primarily inspired by the ‘Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey’ tradition. Here at Killowen we hold our mash bills in highest regard.

Brendan Carty has travelled throughout Ireland, Scotland and Tasmania visiting distilleries that place forward thinking experimentation ahead of ‘marketeering’ and profiteering. In merging his Irish whiskey knowledge with love and ancient technique Brendan strives to reinvent what it Is to be a modern day Irish Whiskey Distillery.

Killowen’s whiskey progress is top secret. These details are known only to a select few who are lucky enough to own a founder’s cask. There will be a chance for fifteen applicants to invest in a cask of Killowen in the coming eighteen months, If you are interested in becoming part of the modern Irish Whiskey Revival, please see our cask entry tab ‘Cask Owner’.